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Facilities & Operations

RAFS provides support for maintenance, regulatory compliance, fuel transfers and receipt, as well as facility inspections and operational recommendations.  Our Technicians are fully trained and experienced in tank farm operations and are available to our clients on an “in person” or teleconference basis.

Tank Demolition

Tank Demolition or Tank Repurposing has become a critical need for many rural communities. Reliable estimates are that as many as 1600 bulk fuel tanks have been decommissioned and abandoned in Rural Alaskan communities.  These tanks create both an environmental and a safety hazard. Most have residual fuel remaining and as the tanks deteriorate, spills are inevitable.

RAFS will clean and demolish tanks in an environmentally safe way, removing both the environmental threat and the safety concerns of abandoned bulk fuel tanks.  A by-product of this effort has been the use of the scrap metal as a community resource. Some uses have been:

  • Erosion control
  • Burn barrels
  • Wood Stoves

If you have decommissioned or abandon tanks in your community we can help.

Spill Clean Up

Fuel spills have a devastating effect on the environment and your budget. When a fuel spill occurs it can have a lasting impact on a community.  When dealing with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the Coast Guard or the EPA it helps to have someone who is familiar with the regulations and organizations overseeing the cleanup.  Since 2004, we have worked many spills and know what is required not only to clean the spill efficiently but also what is required by the DEC, EPA, and Coast Guard regarding spill cleanup. We will insure that the site meets compliance, that as much spilled fuel is salvaged as possible and to keep the cost of the spill at a minimal.

No one wants to have a spill but if one happens you can trust that RAFS will be able to handle it.  There is no spill too small to get cleaned up.

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