6000 C Street Suite 201 Anchorage, Alaska 99518 +1-907-562-0285

Thomas C. Tunnell

Interim Executive Director of Rural Alaska Fuel Services

Tom TunnellI am a lifelong Alaskan, over half a century. I have been in the Oil/Gas field for almost 23 years. During that time, I have worked for Rural Alaska Fuel Services in its infancy as the Operations Manager and assisted in getting RAFS off the ground.

I am married, for 22 years, and I have two great kids that were born in Alaska and still call it home. I started my career as a tank farm operator/driver working for Yukon Fuel Company in Galena, AK back in 1996. I have worked my way up the ranks and have worked several different positions over the years with various fuel companies. I currently have my own little consulting business to help rural Alaska with safety and tank farm operations. I took this position at RAFS to assist them in bringing back customer service to our clients, current and future.

Together we can make rural Alaskan bulk fuel tank farms safe and last through training, maintenance and inspections.

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